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The home of high quality personal training and unique fitness classes where your results are our number one priority. Here at the The P.T Barn We stand for the very highest quality of training and service. There is a lot of bad information out there when it comes to your wellbeing, health and fitness and we want to put that right. We believe training should not just be about that one session, but the whole experience from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave and then the follow up support post training too.


1. Unique Training Whilst Using The Best Equipment In Functional Training In The Most Amazing Settings


Why have treadmills in a small room when you can have acres of natural land at your disposal? We’re situated on a small secluded farm nestled between Basildon and Stanford-Le-Hope. We offer privacy whilst utilising acres of Essex Countryside. We have immediate access to miles of woodland trails right next to our spacious training field. The training field is made up of many sections including our Functional Training Zone, OCR Obstacle Heaven and our ever changing Bootcamp area.


2. Social & Community


The best lesson I have taken away from many years of getting results with my clients is that people work better when they feel they are part of a community or team. Getting results alone can work for some, but on a larger scale, turning that same boring training session into an experience with a team wins every time.


We have created a social facility so that you’re no longer a membership number; you’re part of our Team, you're part of The P.T Barn experience.


3. Professional


The P.T Barn was opened to be the best rather than to be the wealthiest, therefore we have carefully selected just a handful of Trainers and Coaches. We appealed to many Personal Trainers but the quality had to come first. We have a diverse selection of trainers who all have their own unique styles and skill sets. Gyms target the number of P.T sessions a P.T can complete per week – we target the results our clients achieved in that week.



So if you’re bored of conventional training or you simply want to try out a new way to keep exercise interesting then check us out!

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