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Training Package 2024


Training Package 2024

The Road2Worlds Training Package is back in 2024!!

After 7 amazing years running this course, we are happy to announce that we are back in 2024 with a new and improved combined package!


Road2Worlds is the industry’s leading Training Package for individuals looking to compete in OCR. We will be focused on the following main peaks, The OCR European Championships, The Fiso World Championships and The U.K Championships. We will also work towards The UKOCR Series, The Spartan European Championships, The Spartan Series and The Obstacle World Championships as A/B events. Even if you are not attending the Championships, we still get lots attending just to raise their game and become more competitive in other OCR events.

All training is done on the site of the U.K’s top obstacle training venue – The P.T Barn, and is delivered by 2 of the most experienced OCR Coaches in the game.

We have worked hard over the last 7 years and have put all of our experience and knowledge together to bring the U.K the very highest quality training course for the competitive OCR participant. This year we have raised our game once again and in 2024 you will be signed up to our best one yet!

Over the last 7 years we have had countless R2W podiums at World, European, National, League and Individual Event level in both Elite and Age Group. Just as importantly we have also had the most amazing progressions with different abilities.

After your feedback we have decided to combine the 2 courses, but extend the time that you are with us. The extended time will allow us to bring back run and conditioning drills/exercises. You will also get the option to book onto 3 sessions or all 4. We know in the past people have struggled to do all the sessions, so hopefully this option will help. We will also be reducing spaces to just 20 Athletes in total to ensure we maximise the quality of the product we will be delivering.

Although we will be combining the packages, we will still spilt the sessions where needed on the days you are down here so that you are training and pushing against people of a similar ability. The idea is that some are stronger in one area, but then weaker in another.



The Package:

Combined Course - 20 Spaces.

- 25/02/24 – 08:00-14:00.

- 21/04/24 – 08:00-14:00.

- 14/07/24 – 08:00-14:00.

- 15/09/24 – 08:00-14:00.

£179 for 3 Days.

£229. For all 4 Days.



Who is this package for?

- If you are looking to participate in the FISO World’s, U.K Champs, OCREC, as well as OCRWC, Spartan Euros, U.K Series, Spartan Series or Challenge Cup this year, then this is for you!

- If you are looking to see how much you can progress in the competitive side of OCR this year then this is for you!

- If you want to identify and improve any weaknesses in your body and your technique, then this is for you!

- If you want to turn from OCR Racer to OCR Athlete, then this is for you!



What is it?

These packages have been designed and created by 2 of the U.K’s most experienced OCR Coaches. We have already played a huge part in raising the quality of OCR Coaching for the Competitive Racers in the last 9 years. Want to get Fit, there are loads of coaches for that, want to get Fast, there are loads of coaches for that. To be a Competitive OCR Athlete we believed that we needed to go far more in depth, look at the mental as well as the physical and get you looking at all areas of your racing game. We worked so hard creating the previous packages and believe me when I say that the 2024 package is looking awesome! Every smallest detail has been looked at to bring to you our finest packages yet! Time to stop just Training Hard and start TRAINING SMART!

The package is made up of 4 dates set throughout the year. We will not be doing the classroom-based training in 2024. We will however still be given online documents and you will be expected to do homework away from the course.

This course has sold out every year and with just 20 spaces for 2024 we expect exactly the same this year!

This is going to be an amazing course which we know will maximise your performance in 2024.

This is not just aimed at people going out to the FISO World’s, OCREC and U.K Champs, but the timings have been put in place so that it would fall perfectly for those who are. If you are interested, we suggest you get in touch and ask us any questions you may have.

Time to TRAIN SMART and unlock your FULL POTENTIAL!

Thanks, Team R2W – Tony and Scotty.




The Package:

The Package starts in February to give us plenty of time to get ready for the season ahead. This will be a great opportunity to see where you are at and what you need to work on for the year. We will work through a range of performance analysis techniques where you will carry out a range of fitness, strength and technical tests which will give you a guideline to help structure your ongoing training. We will look at programmes and mini sessions that you can include into your weekly training routine. This will include everything for fitness and strength through to running and obstacle skill. The remaining days are packed with a wide range of Hands-on training, drills and skills which will progress on from the first 2 days. You will not only learn the skills in a controlled environment, we will also test you in race style conditions to make sure you will be able to perform out on the course. Day 2 is also nicely placed to assist in prepping for OCREC. Day 3 will work perfectly for analysing your current performance so that you are ready for the final few blocks of training before FISO. Day 4 will help you keep switched on to the end of the season as we angle things towards the season finishers at Spartan South East. This package is perfect for those who have been on previous courses and now want to dive into more detail and progress even further or for those who are currently training/racing at this standard and want to learn the R2W Blue Print.

Only 20 Spaces available.@

Who is this package aimed at?

We will be aiming the course at 2 main groups. During the sessions the mini workshops will be split between different abilities as well as coming together for certain areas. Obviously, some people might fall into one category for running, but another for technical skills, etc.

Group 1:

These are athletes who are already competitive in Elite or ‘faster’ Age Groups and are looking to take their OCR Game up to the next level. You will be training with like-minded / similar ability people who will work together to get the most out of one another. We expect you to have good running, fitness, strength/conditioning and obstacle ability as well as a good understanding of training.

Group 2:

These are athletes who are already competing at the top level of the ‘slower’ age groups, or are already taking part in OCR but now want to take things a little further. Therefore, it would be ideal for those who already have a good understanding of the basics and want to learn new ways of training as well as learning new exercises and skills.



This course has Sold Out all tickets, every year that it has been on!!


Time to TRAIN SMART and unlock your FULL POTENTIAL!


Thanks, Team R2W - Tony and Scotty.


Please Email us for more info;



We also have the following training scheduled for the rest of 2023 and 2024.

Strength & Conditioning Base Building session:

 – Sunday 19th November 09:00-14:00 - £49.99.

Info on these training days/sessions can be found by clicking on this link.


OCR Winter Fitness Training Camps:

- Sunday 3rd December – 08:00-12:00 - £29 or all 4 sessions for £99.

- Sunday 21st January – 08:00-12:00 - £29 or all 4 sessions for £99.

- Sunday 11th February – 08:00-12:00 - £29 or all 4 sessions for £99.

- Sunday 17th March – 08:00-12:00 - £29 or all 4 sessions for £99.

Info on these training days/sessions can be found by clicking on this link.


TEAM U.K Training Days:

- Monday 27th May – 10:00 – 14:00 - £39 or both Team U.K sessions for £65.

- Sunday 28th July – 10:00 – 14:00 - £39 or both Team U.K sessions for £65.
Info on these training days/sessions can be found by clicking on this link.



If you have an inquiry about any of the Road2Worlds Training Packages simply fill out the form below  along with any questions and we will  get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your message we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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